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SSI Cares strives to EQUIP our employees to live healthy lifestyles.

We have implemented several measures to help us achieve this goal.

First, our corporate campus is 100% tobacco free. In the fall of 2010 we transitioned to a smoke free campus. In the run up to going tobacco free we provided all employees with free ‘Quit Smoking Now’ resources. We continue to provide these resources today through our health care partner, Blue Cross Blue Shield. Smoking and smokeless tobacco are a leading cause of illness and death in our area and SSI is proud to be doing its part to stomp out this habit.

Second, we periodically have wellness initiatives that directly benefit all corporate employees. Two examples are a ‘Biggest-Loser’ contest and a free, on-site employee health screenings by licensed professionals. Our first Biggest Loser contest saw over 30 people sign up. We have coached them in healthy eating and exercise habits. We encourage all employees to use the free tools on to track and assist in their weight loss goals. The health care screenings happen on-site at our corporate campus. We bring in licensed nurses and health care counselors to draw blood, take vital signs, and assess each of our employee’s general health. A free follow up visit to a local physician can be scheduled for employees on the health care plan

Third, we have created the SSI Cares gym at our corporate campus for the use of our employees. The gym contains two True commercial treadmills, two True commercial ellipticals, two exercise bikes, a large cable weight machine with 8 stations, free weights, medicine balls, yoga mats, and of course, DISH Network.

Happiness in your career starts with being healthy. We hope to provide our opportunities ample opportunities to educate themselves and become healthy.

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